The National Stroke Research Centre aims to reconnect victims of stroke back to themselves through nature, social connection and the clinical trial therapies developed within the research facility.

The National Stroke Research Centre is located within the Wellington Hospital campus in Newtown.
There are 3 main functions of the 4630m2 building - Rehabilitation, Research and Accommodation. The rehabilitation facility located on level 1 includes 2 Nutritionists, 3 Speech Therapists,  2 Counsellors and 4 Physiotherapists.  This is complimented by a gym, pool and 2 saunas. Clinical trial residents can also use these facilities, along with community facilities located on level 2 and 3. These facilities are: dining room and kitchen, yoga/meditation room, movie theatre, office spaces, various lounges, sun room, library and an art therapy space.

Accommodation for clinical trial candidates is located through level 2 and 3. Rooms are clustered together to  form “pods”, in which 3-4 rooms share bathroom(s), living room and a study zone. This fosters connection between victims of stroke to benefit their recovery and minimise isolation.

The research centre is located on level 1. It includes 22 offices,  3 meeting rooms, 2 large labs, 5 trial rooms, 2 on call rooms, bathrooms, 2 staff lounge + kitchens, a library and a large lecture theatre. The centre is also home to a cafe, which is open to the public, residents and staff. The entire building is encased in a green roof structure. This ties all 3 functions of the building together while integrating itself into the site as an extension of Wellington’s green belt. It both gives privacy and view to those within the hospital, while also providing green space as this has been shown to drastically improve the recovery of victims of any illness or injury. The balconies and walkways create a continuous flow between the indoor and outdoor to provide any inhabitant of the building with this benefit.

NSRRC / Lydia Powrie
Paper: ARCI 411
Supervisor: Jacqueline Mcintosh Victoria University of Wellington School of Architecture 2018
MArch (Prof)

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